Mallorca’s top things to do in Winter.

You need never be bored on Mallorca during winter, as there is still plenty to see and do – and with fewer crowds around. Here are top  activities to enjoy from December until March.


Mallorca is an island that boasts a wide array of incredible landscapes. This translates into itineraries in the mountains, along the coastline and across the plains. Impressive views of the Tramuntana Mountains to the west, with several peaks measuring over 1000 m high and up to 1450 metres in Puig Major’s case, and the Llevant Mountains to the east, with their lower profile that reaches 561 m at its highest point, reflect the islands’ most rugged terrain. The marina to the south and north and the central plain conceal landscapes that astonish hikers who adventure along their paths



With around 70 bodegas on Mallorca, there’s plenty of choice if you want to try some of the excellent local wines. A great way to spend a day is on the Train Gourmet Tour the train stops in the vineyards and you have the chance to try the wine from those particular fields including the oldest winery of Mallorca.

During this tour yoi will visit two wineries, where you will have the chance to taste 7/8 of the area’s finest wines (red, white, rose & sweet wines) On this tour, you will be able to try the top wines of each winery along with the best Jabugo jamón, best cured chesses, real Mallorca sobrasada, coca de trampo, etc



More than 300 species can be watched in the Balearic Islands which makes them very attractive especially for the ornithological tourism. The flocks of sedentary birds are joined by a great number of winter and summer birds and it is relatively easy to observe a good number of raptors during the migration period. If one of our objects during our stay in Mallorca is to observe the birds we cannot miss visiting some places like the humid parts in the north of Mallorca “Parque Natural de S´Albufera de Mallorca” and “Reserva Natural de s’Albufereta”

If you get closer to the “Serra de Tramuntana” and go on one of the numerous excursions that are offered there, it will be very easy for you to watch some examples of the last insular population in the world of the black vulture Aegypius monachus, Together with other species as the booted eagle Aquila pennata, peregrine hawk, peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus, vulture Gypsfulvus or the eagle Aquila fasciata(recently introduced) the black vulture can be seen in the north

There are some specialized entities for preparing the ornithological routes. Do not doubt to ask for the latest piece of information where you are accommodated. All will be done for you to contact specialized entities.



A short break away on Mallorca (even if you live here) recharges the batteries and offers a change of scene.

Sanctuaries of Mallorca are beautiful not only for what they represent but also for the location in which they are found. Some of the sanctuaries of Mallorca have been renovated and offer accommodation. We strongly recommend you to visit El Monasterio de Lluc, the most important monastery of Mallorca that represents a place of annual pilgrimage of hundreds of local people. In the Randa Mountain, you can find Santuari de Cura, among many other monuments in Mallorca.


5. GOLF 

Located in places of great natural beauty, the Majorcan golf courses are true paradises of peace which attract thousands of people from all nations who come to visit the island throughout the year. One of the peculiarities of golf is that the best time for its practice in Balearics is in the low season, not coinciding with the months of more tourist affluence in Majorca. The excellent climatic conditions of the Balearics allows the playing of golf throughout the whole year, this, next to the quality of hotels and residences available, go some way to explain the interest of those so fond of the Majorcan golf courses.



The same diversity that the Illes Balears offer at a cultural level is also evident in crafts. You can buy arts and crafts in glass, ceramics, embroidery, fabrics, shoes, leather, silverware, trinkets, jewellery, pearls and all the latest trends in fashion. Among all, the wide array of handicrafts, the main handicrafts of Mallorca are:

Marratxí, also known as the land of mud, is one of the key points that focus on the best master craftsmen and potters throughout the island and across Europe, as evidenced by their presence in major international fairs. A visit to the museum of Pòrtol and Marratxí is essential because it allows knowing the strong linkage that has the mud with the history of Mallorca. The ceramic figure par excellence of Mallorca is the siurell.

The main areas of leather in Mallorca are Lloseta and Inca. Inca, in addition o manufacturing, stands out as one of the most important point of sale and design of leather of the Mediterranean.

Nowadays, three glass companies are operative in Mallorca nowadays, three glass companies are operating in Mallorca: Gordiola, Menestralia y Lafiore. The promoters of these companies began in the first quarter of the eighteenth century.



The museum of Majorca´s traditions and history. Located 15 km from Palma in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains.

La Granja de Esporles is a handsome 17th century mansion surrounded by lush vegetation, beautiful gardens and natural springs. Is the ideal venue for a family outing, children will enjoy themselves while learning about traditional crafts, watching live demostrations and making friends with the animals on their farm.




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